This is my life

This is potentially the most important article I have ever wrote.

If you are reading this then I assume you know a little bit about who I am.

On paper, I am an internationally respected disability consultant and activist, and its a title I find humbling as I am just being myself its something I can not switch, if I see wrong I fixed it regardless of my health status.

I can now complex cerebral palsy with mental issues, and alcohol dependency. I am no saint as I am deeply disliked by those with minor impairments in the left wing movement, I could say a lot more at this point.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .

I am lived with a lot of stuff and I took up every opportunity providing to, ignoring the fact most of them were deemed impossible to do. What I achieved would take a long time would take many words to explain.

I was supposed to die at birth or be a cabbage, not the hyper-intelligent drooling spastic I am now. My whole family could not handle my hyper-intelligent and we parted in my 20s leaving me to fend for myself. My brother once complained I was acting too disabled!

The heart of the matter was in November 2019 when a normal chest infection turned into utter mayham. The facts currently remain unclear but my current understanding is my heart stopped and I was in an 11 day and 2 day coma I only discovered this  when weeks later I properly read discharged now.

This month I spent ten days in Hospital with ‘a mostly normal chest infection’.

It is both helpful and scary when half the staff know me.

So a week out of hospital, dealing with emails like a game of Hungry Hippos, I am sitting here sad pondering what is next.

My council has really step up to there plate which I appreciate it as I am been very emotional and I cope by emailing how I feel. I was recently asked I had any downtime and its are you kidding, my activism is 24/7.

So the future, I got no idea anymore. There is no organisation anymore that represents people with cp and I still demand Scope to represent us instead of the politically workshy (oh yes,  you can quote me, Corbyn would had made Hilter look like Mary Poppins!!, NHS few steps away from being a mass killing machine and its run by namsake).

I am not annoyed but I am confused and upset. Much of my identity will be lose in hospital as they will never be seen in my achievements large and small. Even in hospital I am inspiring the staff by being there.

I simply hope this articlw helps you.

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