Liberation politics is the new oppression


Since I went to university I have been involved in liberation politics in one way or another. I see liberation politics as the politics of empowering ‘minority groups’ to achieve equality regardless of gender, race, ability, sexuality and so on. I have always believed in liberation politics as fundamental to my own values but I am concerned that in terms of disability, liberation politics has been corrupted.


It is clear to me that the many user led charities that were formed to empower disabled people and campaign on their behalf for a better and more equal society as actually become the oppressors. It is okay to campaign for what we have not yet achieved but when organisations refuse to acknowledge the achievements made and continue campaigning in the need to prevent disabled people feeling empowered, so the charity can survive, then we do have a problem and this is indeed what is happening.


Things are never perfect but disabled people have far more opportunities than they had ten or twenty years ago and they can achieve more without these charities getting in the way by teaching them they are still oppressed, simply because of their own denial.


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