Are many ‘disabled activists’ dysablist?

On the day set aside to blog about dysablism, I could not resist putting my 2 pennies worth after a few weeks break from the blogsphere.

The bottom line is that having an impairment does not make people immune to prejudice. I am quite aware I am likely to be regarded as dysablist because I refuse to sign up to the politically correct notions of disability as I desire something better than just being paid to sit at home.

I believe currently the most  dangerous activist in the UK is John Pring of Disability News Service. Yes, I am naming him and I am shaming him. While he may be idolised by Corbyn’s lemmings, he has cleverly used journalism to justify a fierce anti-inclusion agenda. His demand people with minor impairments are excempt from benefit assessments, because ‘they might get a bit stressed’ leaves grave questions to his movements attitudes towards people with high support needs, those Scope now considers too awkward to even be considered awkward.

John’s celebrated bigotry is a sign of the terrible times we live in, where ‘human rights’ is used by the politically corrected to justify abuses that will not be understood for half a century. John may enjoy his moment but history will cast him to the ranks of criminals.

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