The Importance of a Refund

I am not a fussy eater. A lot of what I find difficult to eat is because of its texture owing to the fact I have cerebral palsy and just 2 teeth. Even with just 2 teeth, I manage to happily eat a Big Mac, KFC and most takeaways. I also love pizza and eaten pizzas with a whole range of toppings over the years. When they are hot and fresh, they are very easy to eat.

Living in the centre of Coventry, I am very fortunate to have access to literally over 100 places to order a takeaway online from ranging from any cuisine you could name. My Columbian live-in volunteer has been away in Germany on a well deserved break, so on Saturday, being on my own, I ordered a pizza from Papa Johns.

They had a new pizza, Beef Bricket. It was so revolting I am having to try hard not to retch writing about it. It is worst than the food I was offered in a Romanian Orphanage in 1997. Since I was on my own and I don’t really make business type calls at the weekend as I need assistance, I left it until Monday morning.

Well, I learnt from ‘Jeanette’ at my local branch of Papa Johns that was not good enough. I only had 30 minutes to complain by phone after the pizza was delivered or I could kiss my consumer rights goodbye, as she also informed me she was too busy to speak to me as the oven was on.

People who know me understand I have a black belt in making complaints. So I contacting them on Twitter publicly and they very quickly followed me so we could Direct Message in ‘private’. After sending me broken links, their standard message they repeated was the same as Jeanette, I had 30 minutes to complain! I told them I would be blogging and maybe check how many followers I had and could someone important email me but it was lost on them!

The point is the pizza costed at the most £20. Politely refunding me or offering me a new pizza would not break the bank. But because of their poor customer service, they have potentially lost many customers because of bad publicity!

As a former ebay professional seller, I learnt the importance and value of a No Quibble refund. Some people will take advantage of it but that is something you need to take on the chin and build into your costs. The customer may not always be right but it is important to let them believe they are. Companies who refund without hassle are more likely to build customer loyalty.

This article may not destroy Papa John’s reputation but it will dent it and maybe show them the power consumers have with the tools of social media, even though who on the phone seem harmless. I just wanted some respect more than even a refund but their disrepect fueled my annoyance and this is sadly the result, showing the importance of a refund.



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