Good to Talk

The phrase “Good to talk” always reminds me of a long running BT advert in the 1990s with Bob Hoskins and it sums up how I feel about communication aids and my own SL40 Communicator.

Talking or rather communicating with each other by whatever means, is one of the most important social activities and tools we have. While I have previously managed face to face communication without a device before, I had not realised the wonderful benefits my device brings.

Ignoring the fact it is also a mobile phone for one moment, the biggest advantage is that I can say exactly what I want when I want. While people may not realise the value of this point, it is important to understand I have only had the possibility of saying words I believe could be understood.

Language is however important and complex. Each term has  a subtle different meaning even where they appear to be the same, like happy and glad. The lightwriter is therefore a sharper tool in comparison to my normal speech, which is very much a blunt tool.

So it is always good to talk and I always enjoy doing it!

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