The Fun of Cerebral Palsy

I believe from what I see in the media and from people’s reactions, that many people believe having cerebral palsy is something pretty devastating and something certainly undesirable. As someone who has this so-called terrible affliction, I think having cerebral palsy can be quite fun.

I can not answer whether or not I would choose having cp if I am honest because I always had it since birth and it is not something which can be chosen, it is simply a part of my life. On that basis, I have always embraced who I am and taken advantage of the benefits having an impairment has.

One main advantage is the opportunity to make a different and do things people do not expect me to do. This links to the concept of freakism, where the power to unsettle people is in my hands. Since my circumstances are not often the norm and people do not often know what to do when they meet me, it gives me the opportunity to direct them in the short time they are panicking, and this can certainly be fun at times, knowing you know what is happening when they are lost for words.

While people are panicking much less than 10 or 20 years ago, they are still panicking and it still amusing. I also have a lifestyle which is very unique and nothing is ever as straightforward as it should. I am learnt to not be annoyed by this and embraced this as life.

So having cp can be fun, as well as being difficult at times. I believe it is very important to have a positive attitude towards the problems in life we have and it is great to have a infectious giggle when things are just not as they should be.

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