Saving ILF may cause more cuts


There is a gaggle of middle class and mostly female ILF users portraying themselves as one minute disability activists, backed by a secretive, hostile and dangerous socialist movement, who are doing anything they can to save ILF, like it was a prisoner of death row, or an animal needing saving. Their logical is flawed and frankly stupid because saving the organisation called the Independent Living Fund, may not achieve their real objective of preventing the government of cutting their support.


As I have said before, I believe if the government is forced to keep the fund open, whether or not it becomes open to new users (which these activists do not care about), the focus of the government will be to ask the fund to establish a new eligibility criteria with the intention of making cuts. It is clear there are service users that have enjoyed a level of comfortable lifestyle at the public’s expense without being made accountable for their outcomes and this is why they are probably scared the council will burst their bubble and bring them back to the real world. Why should some pensioners have support to enjoy endless days of leisure while non-ILF users are having it hard to get the basics? And remember these are users who have a very low opinion of people who are in residential care, thinking them better off dead!


I believe that these nasty activists should stop wasting time, effort and money on saving an organisation who will simply be forced to cut ALL our support, and start campaigning about what will benefit all disabled people and not just themselves.


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