Who understands employing Personal Assistants (PAs)?


While many people in social care talk about personal assistants, because it is fashionable to do so, I must wonder how many people actually understand what it really means to employ personal assistants? I have been employing PAs over twenty years, half my life, and so I think I know my stuff. But it is amazing how many professionals spend a hour listening to me talk about my social care situation or claim to now about the subject, still come up to me and my personal assistant to ask the most basic questions like do I really employ my staff? Does my personal assistant do what I ask? Hmm, yes unless they want to be sacked!


Then when we get to the real lived experiences of employing personal assistants, the difficulties beyond the benefits, most professionals claiming to know their stuff have not got a clue as they make often offensive assumptions about the relationship between individual employers and personal assistant. If the government really wants to support those who employ personal assistants, they need to be prepared to deal with all the issues and not as the case now, only pick out to pretty issues.


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