Have A Go…

When I was on my teens, my local council really pushed the participation of disabled people into a wide range of sporting activities. I took up every opportunity that was offered to me, having a go at as many sports as I could. I always believed everyone should have an opportunity to try a wide of sports.

In this changed times and with the demographics of disability being very different, I still believe having the opportunity to try and take up sports. While in the context of social care, sports and leisure is seen as a luxury and I can understand that thinking, I believe for people who work or experience a level of stress, that sports is a very good way to balance the mind, as well as the body.

While swimming is not as fashionable as it once was, it is still one activity, with the right equipment and support, anyone can do in their own ways, and if everyone had to opportunity to do so, make we will all be a little less stressed out.

I also believe we need to go back to the ‘have a go’ attitude where disabled people try to better themselves and broaden their experiences, rather than the ‘rights without effort’ culture we have now.

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