The science of disability

Although disability is a very personal issue for many people, it is also a complex science which crosses over many academic disciplines. I know this for a fun before some years ago I did a MA in Disability Studies. While I did not complete my masters because I am unhappy with the way the course the run, it certainly provided me with a great insight to how complex the subject is.

And the first is, it is getting even more complex as the liberation of disabled people as become a mainstream and highly political issue as improved health and an ageing population has assisted people to realise impairment and disability affects everyone in one way or another.

Rather than seeing ‘disabled people’ as a single group with a single set of needs, ideas and desires, I see a whole landscape of disability with many groups of people who see themselves and others in differing ways. I would argue very few people see the landscape and that what makes the difference between being an experienced disability consultant and just a disabled person with a viewpoint. It is about being able to understand the range of views and the reasons for them.

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