Why is working so shameful for some?

We have to acknowledge there are sections of society where due to long term unemployment people feel it is stupid to work when you can claim off the state. This is not something I read about on the web or seen in a documentary but rather I seen first hand when I lived on a rough social housing estate for 7 years.

I feel as I keep saying, citizens now have now rights than responsibilities and however much it pains me to agree with this government, they are brave enough to begin to tackle this issue. The individuals can not be so much blamed for making the most of a system that has failed them but there does need to be a careful balance of carrot and stick to move people into work.

And it may not be able work but simply about ambition and pride as the economy and society tackles the fact the so-called free market economy grew too greedy and blew itself up. What we consider work to be in 10 or 20 years may be very different to what it is now.

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