What are Basic rights and needs?

When I find the time, I am interested in exploring what basic rights look like in practice and how we can turn human and civil rights into a list of things people can expect as citizens of the UK in return of obeying the law and taking on the responsibilities expected on them as working if they can and maintaining their health.

It is quite a complex issue and I want to take a supposely simple example of a place to live. This firstly can not be the right to owed a place regardless of economic ability as a place to live may include living with parents, so long as its a safe environment to do so and possible on many grounds.

And what do you mean by a place to live? We would need to break that down to somewhere safe from the weather that includes a bed, a means to maintain personal hygiene, a means to prepare hot food and so on. When we live in a “rights now responsibility later” culture, we need to ensure people can not take legal action against the government for not providing them what is a lifestyle choice or a luxury of economic ability, but still protects people’s basic rights.

It could be an interesting piece of work and I will keep you posted as I develop it.
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