Punishing Success

I feel we have a society that punishes success. By this I mean that when someone is successful in any way, they are pulled down by others and the target of jealously and contempt. I am not referring to bankers as that is greed not success but rather how the tabloids try to destroy careers and how specific groups resent those who succeed on a personal level.

I would argue that the so-called disability movement, or rather those who claim to be a part of it, tend to resent disabled people who are successful independent from them and within the mainstream environment. They are often referred to as traitors for not feel oppressed and moaning all the time at how everyone hates them. 

There is almost a general fear of people who are confident about who are they and certainly a fear of anyone who thinks for themselves rather than accepting the norms others demand of them. This fear is the problem of those who feel they must waste energy bringing others down and not those who are naturally successful however this is not always easy.

If society is damaged, then to fix it, this is a good place to start.

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