Education for all

I believe fundamentally that everyone should get a proper education. I am however sure many disabled children in special schools are not receiving the education they deserve especially as it is hard to prove whether the schools supports  academically and social weak adults or rather they  create them.

My argument against special schools is it failed to teach children the informal education which can only come from mixing with your peers like social skills and inter-personal skills. It is so easy to spot someone who has gone to a special school, simply from their body language, as well as their low aspirations.

The key argument for special schools at the moment is ‘bullying’ which firstly assumed disabled children are unable to bully each other, and there goes a flying pig! Bullying is wrong but it is a part of growing up. I was bullied at school constantly and the so-called adults handled it badly, added fuel to the flames rather than trying to assist others in understanding my perspective.

The government is totally wrong to promote special schools over inclusion and I hope at some point society will understand the damage special schools do.

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