An strange alliance of ‘disabled people’

I feel the government’s welfare reforms has creating an strange alliance of ‘disabled people’ who have decided to friestly attack the government and now ATOS which the sole aim of ensuring disabled people who can fit have the right to be paid not to work without question.

I will tackle the awful lies being spread in any blogs as well as the fact they now dance of the graves of sick people as they accuse ATOS of murder without reason, evidence, logic or understanding. By here I want to explore how this sick movement has the undeserved credit it has.

The core group of the alliance is sick people and people with minor impairments who think they deserve to be disabled because of the benefits it brings. They clearly have medical model prejudices against disability and therefore I can only assume they believe real disabled people, they call ‘profoundly disabled’, are better off dead since they is their understanding of disability, as a matter of pity.

In their terror like protests, they are immediately surrondly by  socialists, who will gladly correct any issue to get their socialist ideas of fairness which is built on emotion. They can make demands easier but can no ability to put it into practice  as they would gold for everyone but just reading Animal Farm, we see how the realism of socialism is a mess and as bad for disabled people as pure capitalism.

This is a core group who want normally be dismissed as extreme but for the some strange reason the middle class liberal elite has lent their support. Built on pity and a belief disabled people are naturally worthless second class citizens, they lent their support to the sick movement in the way they protect animals and the right of flies not to be hurt, from a far and with no understanding of the issue.

This alliance is destroying the social model and any hope of real disabled people to be included into society as they take attitudes towards disabled people back 100 years. It is now time for real disabled people. those who want to work, to fight back and reclaim our politics.

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