Moving away from the cure culture

There was a time not too long ago when science believed it could cure anything and it was just a matter of time and resources. But as we move science focuses on conditions that are not life threatening but perceived to reduce quality of life, it has hit major obstacles including the fact many people with these conditions do not wished to be cured.

We will never get away from the desire to cure cancer and other big name conditions because of what they are and we had a society and a economic can no longer afford spending lots of money researching a cure for deafness for example. The whole nature of health services is moving away from black and white notions of being well or sick, where health services picked you up when you fall over and fixed you until you fall again, to one of managing long term conditions.

Society is starting to accept the normality of having long term conditions and their management, and I think this is great for the inclusion of disabled people.
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