Can we attract people back to swimming?


I believe that swimming is the most accessible and inclusive sporting activity on the planet as with the right equipment and support, anyone can enjoy swimming in their own way even it is just being in the water. I sadly fear swimming in the UK has become less fashionable than it used to be with the rise of technology and the stresses of both working and not working. Swimming is a good solution to stress, both physically and mentally but the motivation need to be there.


I fear sport is generally on the decline despite the greatest need for it with the challenges of obesity, and swimming is a starting sport which anyone from any age and ability can do. The general should look at merging sport into the department of health and focus on its benefits to the body and the soul, in tackling stress, obesity and a whole range of other social problems. Swimming should be a basic services which is not only available but encourages as a starting block to a balanced healthy lifestyle. I hope we can attract people back to swimming.


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