Work is just normal for me


I believe that whether someone wishes to work or not is about their attitude to life rather than anything else. And for myself, this means the idea of working and working hard, to achieve what I want in life, has been very natural to me and just a normal part of being an active contributing citizen.


I am not sure if this is because I went to a mainstream school from the age of 11 and so I adopted a mainstream approach to life, as well as having an unique one, or that working hard is just a part of who I have always been. In either way, it is just normal for me to make the most of every moment of my life and to take up any opportunity that comes my way with little hesitation. As far as we know, we only live once and I intend the make the most of my life.


Because I do this, some people call me lucky but I have only taken up the opportunities available to many people, and often I have faced many additional barriers in comparable to my non-disabled peers. I do not have rich parents and any connections that I have not made myself. I achieved what I have from hard work, no more and no less.


I could be just another disability whinger, complaining about all the difficulties in my life, but I do not see where that would get me and I prefer to work hard at what I enjoy to achieve the happiness I deserve.


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