It is time to talk about the UN and Disability

A lot has been made about United Nation’s Committee of the rights on right of people with disabilities report on whether the UK had made grave systematic failings under the UN’s Convention with the same name. The headline is that the UN has called the Tory government and its welfare reforms a ‘human catastrophe’, which has been used by Labour and others to attack the government, but very little is understood about it. Here is what I know about it.

The investigation was initiated some years ago by Disabled People Against Cuts, a far left civil disobedience organisation that has made its mission to make the welfare reforms as toxic as possible, and it has actually been very successful in doing this, causing maximum distress and even suicides.

The investigation was supported in have been in secret, as a good CIA approach of justice and rights, but it got leaked to the media and the witch hunt began. There was no public call for evidence and any meetings with UK disabled people were carefully organised by the far left organisations involved. What is most shocking is that despite claims that 1000s of pages of evidence were considered, the slim report had no evidence attached to it.

The report could best be described as a peer review and despite the claims, it has no teeth or meaning in the real world. As opposed to any comparison to other countries, and noting it was the first report of its kind, it seemed to be comparing the UK to theoretical concepts and goals. Can any country ever claim to be fully accessible in the way we can ever end misery as these are relative concepts?

I could have told you what the report was going to say before it was even written and it was always going to attack the government based on far left ideology. Ignoring what the government is achieving for people with impairments, the report was heavily focused on social security issues and as assumption everything far left activists say is true.

What is most worrying is the report is as outraged as the left generally that not enough people are being found unfit for work and excluded from the workplace, and questioning if people should even be assessed as ‘we know they are pointless’. While the report did make the mandatory moan about the employment gap, the chair of the committee showed the UN’s true colours when she was caught on tape saying this was a pretence they have to claim, when she also compared the attitude on believing people with impairments can work with eugenics, confirming the left’s use of the benefit scrounger rhetoric to make employment toxic. The report also used a new human rights model of disability, where self-defined identity is regarded as a gateway to welfare and other solutions, as opposed to actual need.

While the government has tried to respond to the UN report, it has ignored it mostly, and attacking the report will probably increase the death threats it staff receives from those promised a something for nothing in the culture of the left. But the report is one of those things the activists of the Tory party has to start to challenge in order to protect the idea everyone has human potential, and no one should be thrown on the scrapheap in the name of human rights.

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