ITV Emmerdale disability murder demonstrates inhumane assumptions

For those who do not watch Emmerdale, this yorkshire base soap draam has combined gay young love with assisted suicide in a poor attempt to do their bit for the eugenics agenda.

In October 2010, Jackson was hit by a train when driving away from his love, Aaron. He basically ended up a quadriaplega, went through recover and rehab, ignoring all money issues, ended up in purpose built accommodation with more gadgets then most people would love, fab wheelchair with nice harness, and the same cups as me! A extremely fictionious straight perfect male carer was also magiced into the situation. He even has positive peer support from other fictiously perfect disabled people.

But ofcourse, why would a disabled person which had everything in front of him and zero worries, want to live and so he wanted  and demanded to die. In typical middle class arrogance that disabled people should have dicated how they live and die, like anyone does, he demanded a perfect death on his terms as the best present his mother and Aaron could give him. And this week the dirty deed was done.

While the story debated the right to die, it skirted around the fact it was assumed there was nothing wrong with any disabled person wanting to die. While those who choose to be brave enough to live are no longer punished for their incomprehensable decision, ofcourse ignoring the fact Jackson was once a human being, all disabled people are in really better off dead. I have friends who are more disabled than Jackson portrayed who put most non-disabled to shame for their determination to live the life their potential offers them.

This is the reality of the message I had to live with and overcome all my life where my humanity is constantly questions by people distanced from me. ITV has proven must again that the media fear of disability as anything accepting to its middle class adcertisers and therefore the drip by drip campaign against the humanisation of disabled people have a full members of humanality continues and the Emmerdale village moans the life of someone who died when he had his accident and not when his murdering mother “put him out of his misery” like any animal deserves. I am not sure the deep and dark inhumanity that exists towards disabled people which is masked by goodwill will ever change., certainly not with the current controlled media.

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