The right to vs the money to do so

I understand a right to mean to have the legal ability to do something on a basis equal to anyone else. This means that if I am flying to Budapest, I have to right to access the airport and the flight in the same way as anyone else. However, I do not have the right to go to Budapest. Confused? I mean that I must be to able to afford the flight, at an equal price, in order to go there and it is not my god given right to demand I go to Budapest regardless of my economic situation.

I feel especially amongst many disabled people there is a confusion about exactly what rights are and how they are not a shortcut to having exactly what you want without questions. Becoming disabled does not suddenly change where you come from or who you are. The bottom line that unemployment benefits are supposed to keep you going on the bare minimum until you find your feet and they is not supposed to enable comfortable living.

Disabled people can no longer be assigned to the scrapheap and they can now make a contribution in this technology focused society. If they want the rewards of those who work, like holidays, then they should earn them in the same way. They have the right to work and earn the money to enjoy their right to play. It is not easy but that is life.

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