Train vs Plane

Common sense says that going by plane is easier than going by train because it is quickly but this is not always the cash. When I have the time, stress becomes a deciding factor and there are specific long journeys where I prefer the train over plane.

One such journey is from Coventry to Strasbourg, where the Council of Europe’s parliament resides as well as the European Court for Human Rights. By plane, it may take 5 hours but I am not sure as I have never done it before but I know that does not include all the waiting about. By train, its 3 trains and 2 taxis and take 12 hours but it is an adventure worth having.

The thing is a train is far less stressful as you are not worrying about luggage limits and being squeezed into a tin can with wings. On a train, especially since all wheelchair users on the Eurostar travel first class, is more relaxing with more freedom and a nicer view. Without needing a wait hours at the airport, you can seat and watch the world go by.

This summer, I am travelling from New York to Pittsburgh by train, a 9 hour journey, but a great way to see America! So for me, the train can sometimes by better than the plane.

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