The lure of tablets

By tablets I am not referring to the medical kind but rather the technological kind. Whether it is a iPad, Kindle, Android or new Microsoft Surface, tablets have quickly entered into the every day lives of so many people, already potentially replacing the home computer as the main way people access the internet and other apps.

I believe the lure of the tablet is its portability and ability to touch and hug in a way that been natural to mankind since Ancient Greece and stone tablets. Its book like qualities including the touch screen makes tablets far more natural to use and understand as apps are able to use a natural understanding of strolling and zooming with our figures.

After 30 or so years and long after it demise was predicted, the era of the QWERTY keyboard especially now voice control is becoming more popular. For everyone, but especially disabled people, the era of the tablet is very good news and I am excited about the future ahead.

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