The wonders of Wikipedia

Over the last few months I am been using Wikipedia more and more, and discovering what a wonderful and amazing resource it is. While it may not be fully comprehensive and accurate on absolutely everything, it is just incredible the breath of articles it has. It is indeed a concise guide to life, the University and everything.

I have been using it to learn more about who I am, my history, my interests, my passions, my places and the many concepts that make up how I live, work and play. I have been bookmarking them as notes, using Notecards, to paint a informatic picture of who I am and to add it points to inspire me, so far, I have collected 17000 which I am currently sorting.

Information is power and the trick is to know how to know to use it. By knowing as much as I can about what I want to know, I believe it will make me a stronger and wiser person.

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