The End of representation politics

For a generation disabled people have supposedly be led by charitable organisations which claim to be user led, and I must wonder since the DDA was enacted 2 decades ago along with Direct Payments, what exactly have they achieved in anything. 

I believe particularly with disability issues we may be coming to an end in representation politics, that is the idea an organisation can in some way represent the views of some or all disabled people. I believe with social media and networks, the individual has the greatest voice they have ever had. 

We are now able to represent ourselves as complex individuals and choose which individuals we align to and which ones we do not. This blog is my voice and stands along side 1000s of other blogs by other disabled people, enabling a harmony of agreement or disagreement to be seen by anyone looking in.

No one needs to waste time sitting on a pointless committee to get heard anyone as the era of the individual is born.
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