Why am I voting Tory as a disabled person

I wanted to explain properly why I am voting Tory as someone with significant impairments. I am very aware that in doing so, I am most likely to be subjected to a torrid of abuse from other ‘disabled’ activists but this simply shows how Corbyn has permitted sheer hatred to enter mainstream politics.

I think it is important that I explain that I am not blindly supporting the Tories, there is many promises in their manifesto I have concerns with including how they wish to fund social care. There is also things I like in the Labour Manifesto and I am happy to make my mind up policy by policy..

The main reason I am voting Tory is because they are prepared to have an adult conversation on disability issues despite the great pressure to simply pity people with impairments. In dealing with people that are often in fragile stages of their lives emotionally, it is going to be extremely hard to get this right. But real inclusion is about being considered a responsible adult, the basics of citizenship. If people with impairments really want equality, that requires give and take.

I am not suggesting every Tory politician and party worker has a perfect understanding of disability issues, or a perfect attitude and behaviour towards people with impairments. But this is not the hostility towards discussion on the issue that now exists within the Labour party on the subject.

Labour sees disability as a welfare issue and hads without a doubt have a divide between ‘the chronically sick’ and the ‘severely disabled’, where there is a huge resentment towards the later and hatred that May wishes to protect their needs against the former group, where a shyness towards employment is celebrated under Labour. Please make no doubt that Labour has declared war on people like myself who they see have having no place in society.

What I hate about Labour is the anti-government lies their endlessly spout about people with impairments, taking individual and complex cases of difficulty and wrongly blowing them up into examples of systematic abuse. A perfect example of this is when Guardian Journalist and disablist bigot, Frances Ryan stated once again in one of her hate speech articles that one million disabled people were missing out of social care, being forced to go to bed at 7pm in nappies. So many things Labour activists say are false built upon lie upon myth upon lie upon myth.

I had to fight every step of the way to get where I am today and I believe we live in a better society for people with impairments. Under Corbyn’s red flag, I am regarded as automatically unfit for society based on the same bigotry that existed under 1930s germany. Yet so many people with impairments simply do not want inclusion, but just ‘their’ benefits at any price and regardless of the lives it will cost with Assisted Dying being supported by Labour.

The Tories provide me with a sense of respect and does not seem to question my abilities. It is not perfect but it is far better than the hatred I receive from Labour.

2 thoughts on “Why am I voting Tory as a disabled person

  1. T says:

    One of the most balanced, mature and inspirational articles I have read thus far. Your habit of fighting adversity is an example to the rest of us.


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