How do we change attitudes (about disability)?

As the environment disabled people require in the UK is reaching a level of completion if not far from perfect, the next  barrier to our inclusion is clearly changing attitudes. I sadly fear the recent desire of victimhood by many alleged disabled people in their desire not to work is not helping matters and it is probably doing great harm. So what do we need to do to reverse this trend to make inclusion possible.

I used to think the best way to change attitude is to change behaviour by instruction but I now think it is a lot than that. I think it is about showing and telling the in depth stories on disability in the one you want them portrayed. Like I’m Spazticus started to do, it is about showing disabled people as real people and what they experience in a way people can understand without having politicised propaganda thrown from their throats.

I will answer any question thrown at me because I believe it is good to dispel someone’s myths by letting them ask the questions that assists them to know better. I think this is better than the way some disabled people despise anyone who say the wrong things as how can people learn or indeed change their attitudes?

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