Cars, disability and income


Whole the Motability scheme has supported a generation of disabled people, the big question for me is whether the scheme remains fit for purpose within the 21st century or indeed is still a fair deal or whether it has become a perk for some disabled people that is a great attractive for people to unnecessarily claim DLA/PIP?


Public transport has dramatically improved in recent years despite the attempts of activists to rubbish this fact, and the car is certainly not the same necessity it may have been on online shopping and so on. DLA and therefore Motability does not discriminate based on income but is this really fair? I would like to see the scheme develop into one that helps a wider range of people, not just disabled people, based on income and outcomes to provide people with a helping hand when they need to, not to remain an absolute right which can be taken for granted or abused. It must be noted ironically that the scheme does not provide disabled people with money to pay for any adaptations they need, additional costs, as a right but as an act of charity at their discretion.


Nothing should be untouchable or unthinkable and we need to be effective in how we support the mobility needs of all disabled people.


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