A Social responsibility to be positive

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I am a role model for other disabled people because of my work and my growing influence. I therefore feel I have a social responsibility to be positive and I feel this extends of many well known disabled people and activists. 
If a well known black people like Lenny Henry or a gay people like Graham Norton were to say  they believe they were better off dead because they were black/gay, or people like them were all going to suffer at the hands of the government, they would be public outcry. But it is okay for a never ending of newbie paralympians to feel the need to voice their misinformed fears about the government reforms because they believe it is politically correct to do so.
The biggest barrier for disabled people is their own attitude and self doubt, and it is wrong for well known disabled people to exploit that for their own agendas, as they often have the power to help or hinder the true inclusion of real disabled people.
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